Bead sewing to make things look amazing


The sewing ideas that can be developed by giving the beads in position can actually enhance the look of the garments.

The idea to Sew Beads to the Fabric:

This can be a great idea that can serve the best with the DIY projects. The start can be made with the choice of the motif that can be readily utilised for beading. The design which can be easy needs to be chosen. To start with the idea, one needs to make the choice of the easy leaflet design which is floral and can help with the better bead works. This can actually help with the vintage collection. When such a collection of the beads is made to sew upon the fabric, this can automatically enhance the look of the dress making it more graceful. This can be followed by the very next step of getting the leaflet design sketched our. The design needs to be readily done on the surface if the paper. With such an idea one can get the design made to the surface of the preferred garment. One can simply make the choice of a tracing paper in taking the impression. This can help one get the idea about the line through which the beads must be attached to add a graceful look to the dress.

Transfer of the illustration to the surface of the sheer muslin

This can be a great step to make the exact outline for the sewing of the beads. This can be readily done with the use of a fabric pen. This can further be done only with the drawing of the leaflet design that can get readily transferred to the tracing paper. This next gets transferred to the surface of the sheer muslin with the use of a fabric pen thus bringing the contrasting colour to the surface. This can be readily followed by the idea of the attachment to the surface of the muslin. This can actually help one stitch and get the beads sewed through the portions of muslin. There is a need for the development with the use of the organza which can serve as the material made up of silk. This can help make the muslin weight to stay stabilized thus helping the passing of the design carefully. However one needs to let the muslin to be tightly held in position to prevent the sliding around.

Handing the baste to the fabric surface

This can be done only after ensuring that the muslin can be properly pinned all in position. This can help with the better idea of hand basting which can be done with the fabric. Hand basting gets developed in the manner of a technique pertaining to the basic sewing which is quite quick as well as the easy way that can help with the better standards of hemming and quilting.


The specific ideas that can be utilised to allow the beads to go well with the garments are something which can add a spectacular look to the garment. It’s imperative that you work with beads only after sewing your garment with a highly rated sewing machine.