Bead sewing- a new art


The Bead Embroidery ideas are proving to be the best that can be applied with the numerous textures. The idea of bead seeing is also competitively easy in comparison to the bead-weaving.

How to give a start?

The idea can be certainly started off with the choice of the backstitch as well as couches. Besides, the embroidery can also be continued with the Stack stitch, creation of loops, Stab stitch as well as addition of the single beads. The methods that can be followed are like Drawing Lines and Couching. It is better to go with the process of coaching for the short curves. the basic necessity however in these techniques is always to get the beads anchored tightly in place. This is done with the passing of the beads over fabric, which is aligned over the marked line, as well as continue with the repetition that can bring out the beauty with the embroidery.

Why is Backstitch used with this procedure?

Backstitch is the stitch that can be used in order to cover the portions of the curved or straight lines which can eventually give one the pattern of the good circling. This can also be-bene along the portions of the cabochon as well as the large bead. one needs to simply choose about 2-4 beads (at a time that can help with backing. The stepwise manner of embroidery can be followed by simply referring to a tutorial that can help owners develop some better idea about the embroidery.

Filling Spaces with the bead embroidery

This can also be simply down with the idea of a back stitch. There can be utilised to fill the spaces with different colours, as well as the beads of the different sizes. The idea of Addition of the Single Beads is also a great one that can help own design two brand fitting the different shades with the similar colour, which can appropriately bring the wilder colour, thus giving the impression of the mosaic effects. This can also give the effect of the random texture. The process is easy yet is based on the reputation of pushing the beads along the thread. The idea of accurate spacing is also a must. It is important to remember never to let the thread stay visible. The Loop Stitch is also the most appropriate technologies that can be utilised for the better textured one. This can always utilise the idea of placing the beads that come in a composition of the odd number. With this, there is Los a scope for the alteration of loop heights that can help one design the surface in the best possible manner.

Addition of the Bigger Beads

This can incorporate the addition of the larger sized focal beads. Such a craft can be readily prepared with the use of gemstones that can be aligned in the best possible manner. This can be totally utilised for the purpose of backing.


The sewing with beads can be overall a great idea to go with to bring a new and spectacular look to the garments. The varying sizes of the beads are a great option to make them look the bes